Ikebana Ikenobo Indonesia was officially inaugurated the 69th Chapter by Ikenobo Headquarters, Kyoto, Japan on November 25, 1980.  Originally known as Perhimpunan Ikebana Ikenobo Indonesia (PIII) has now been officially reorganized by the name of IKEBANA IKENOBO INDONESIA to better serve and accommodate artists and enthusiasts of Japanese-style floral arrangement, Ikenobo, in Indonesia.

Ikenobo, being the origin of Japanese-style Ikebana has been widely known throughout the world as one of the icons of Japanese culture.  In Indonesia, Ikebana Ikenobo Indonesia explore and enrich the intricate art further by integrating the Indonesian indigenous floral into the masterpiece.

Members of the board of management:

President Mrs. Herliana S. Wiharsa
Vice Presidents Mr. Andy Djati Utomo
Mrs. Djoe Rusy (Lusy Wahyudi)
Chapter Secretary Mrs. Wendy Mandik
Mrs. Yocky Marielle Wibowo
Treasury Mrs. Lilia Veronica
Mrs. Piping Rahayu
Active Teachers Mrs. Herliana S. Wiharsa
Mrs. Lusy Wahyudi
Mrs. Wendy Mandik
Mrs. Lily H. Sutanto
Mr. Andy Djati Utomo
Public Relations Mrs. Yunita Ayu Kemala
Mrs. Cindy Wiharsa
Event Organizers Mr. Yohanes Wempy
Mrs. Lucia Raras
Supervisor Mrs. Lily Anggraini